Thyroid Trouble

Some interesting learning on the tricky trickster thyroid gland!

The Fertility Goddess

Hello Guys 😀 Welcome back to the Fertility Goddess! This week I am going to talk about thyroid function and how overactive and underactive thyroid can have an impact on fertility, particularly in relation to female fertility. But what is the thyroid gland and how can this little gland have such a big impact on fertility? Read on and find out 🙂

What is the Thyroid Gland?

The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland (hormone producing gland) and component of the endocrine system. It is located in the front of the neck below the Adam’s apple and has a characteristic butterfly shape. The thyroid qualifies as an endocrine gland as it produces hormones that once released into the bloodstream, regulate the growth and function of other bodily systems. It is crucial for regulating metabolism, energy production, oxygen utilisation and hormone levels.

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Thyroid hormones play an important part in growth and…

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She was far too fond of books…

As this journey goes on (because this is just the thrilling beginning), I suspect I will need to vastly expand my knowledge on LOTS of things.

I’ve made a start with a couple of books, as pictured. I feel I’ve learned some useful stuff, and some really wishy washy unrealistic baloney as well. But, yeah, so, not an expert. Apparently the woman gets amazing results. Who am I to argue?

More on the early days of tentatively stepping into the world of supplements to come.

In the interim, seriously, if you have reading recommendations for the getting pregnant bit…hit me up!

Withdrawal Win!

Super delighted that my withdrawal bleed (the first ‘period’ you have after withdrawing oral contraception) has arrived today!

Might seem a funny thing to be so thrilled about, but I am. After being on the oral contraceptive pill (the mini pill, brand ‘Cerazette’ for around the last 7 years) for the better part of 20 years you get so out of sync with your body. You just shut door your system with a little pill and ignore that part of you. I almost forgot about a whole part of who I am, a fertile, life giving being. The tummy ache isn’t too bad, going back to period protection is like second nature, but wow. Just the joy of letting my reproductive system whirr into action again, and the delight at finding it all still works!

Happy day!

Hormones RAGING!

So, I’ve had no oral contraception for a week and have been taking Pregnacare ‘before conception’. See pic!

I am in equal parts absolutely thrilled and alarmed by how my body has responded. I was genuinely worried that I wouldn’t see or feel anything different, that my reproductive system would remain in shut down, that I would have reached the end of my baby making lifespan and not even have realised… or….my biggest fear…I would be in menopause.

What’s actually happened is a gradual build up of low level pre menstrual tummy ache, and massively sore boobs. REALLY massively sore boobs. I’ve never had boobs this sore before in my life, I guess it’s the shock of a sudden change in hormone levels.

I’m pretty confident ovulation is go. No period yet. Expect that will show in the next week or so, then I can start tracking and understanding my cycle and working to support my body prepare for pregnancy. So relieved. I just love the feeling of my body doing exactly what it was designed to do.


Let’s do this…shall we?

There was a long time, just the longest time, when I didn’t think I would ever have a child.

I bet if you asked 99% of the people who know me best, or have known me the longest, they would say that I’m not maternal. That I never wanted children. That I never showed an interest in being a parent.

They’re wrong. But, it’s not their fault.

I’ve spent the larger part of my child bearing (cringy old fashioned labelling, sorry) either as part of a dreadful marriage – appropriately 8 years with just the worst possible candidate for any sort of worthwhile partnership or family unit ever – or single. The single bit being spent getting over the horrors of an ultimately toxic, abusive and damaging husband. And paying off his discarded debts. And wrapping up his abandoned responsibilities.

With such a long stretch of time where having a baby wasn’t an option, it became something I didn’t talk about. Or really think about. Because it was actually pretty heart wrenching to accept it might never happen for me. And if anyone asked, I’d just make a humorous escape from the conversation… Oh, my sister’s had two kids, she’s covered all that sort of thing so I don’t have to bother! Ha ha ha….. weep about it later type stuff.

And then, I met the man of my dreams. The most wonderful, patient, loving, caring, sexy, all round amazing person. And it turned out, he thought I was alright too.

Few years down the line, we’ve bought a lovely house, made a lovely life, and we want to be a family.

My heart is full of excitement and joy, and terror and worry. All the feels, all of the time. I’ve been on the pill for so long (over 20 years with minimal breaks, about 7 years in this streak) I’m older than the medical optimum age range (yeah, more on that another time), I’ve never tried to get pregnant, I’ve never accidentally gotten pregnant. I don’t know if I can get pregnant. I don’t know if my body works that way any more, what if it never did? How would I know?

Anyway, the decision is GO. The pill has been stopped. The pre conception supplements have begun. I’m about a week in…. The next blog entry will chronical how my body reacts. Yikes!